Our clothes are inspired by yoga and meditation. Both yoga and meditation have many physical health and emotional healing benefits and can be considered gateways to opening yourself to finding your spiritual path. The sanskrit words written on our yoga clothes are mantras of divine names and praises of love that have been sung for thousands of years. Mantra is a Sanskrit word, MAN refers to mind, TRA means to free/release. Mantra then can mean freeing the mind and releasing worries and stress. By using your breath with yoga and your voice with chanting you can raise the vibration of your soul to a higher spiritual state of mind. Repeating the words opens your heart to love and can help occupy your busy mind so you can get to a deeper level of meditation. Meditation helps you get to the peace which is the space between thoughts and core consciousness. Finding that peace within yourself can lead you on a spiritual path, open your heart to everything positive and connect you with your soul. Live your life with joy, energy, and spirit! Jaya Bhagavan!